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Management of local accommodation

Management of Local Accommodation

Tired of running between your job and your apartment to receive your guests?

Do you have a season rental accommodation?

Would you like to have a trustworthy person to welcome your guests?

Are you unable to reply to your e-mails as quickly as you would like?

Are you unable to maintain cleaning and maintenance of your apartment?

We have the solution for your problems!


Have someone always available for your guests - anytime, every day of the week - so you do not have to worry. Our employees have more than two decades of experience in real estate management and customer care service.

An alternative, which is getting more and more followers, is the short-term lease, for clients who are passing by the area of ??your property (tourists, business travelers) and who prefer apartments to hotels. This modality has some advantages, among which the potential income: The payment of the daily rate is usually higher than the monthly rent (adjusted for the day) and the risk of default is lower.

 However, it requires a minimum structure, which may include someone responsible for the cleaning service and someone who is responsible for maintaining the equipment and the structure of the property.



Other Services

Did not find the package of services to fit your needs? All you wanted was simply a specific cleaning or a check-in during your vacation? You can order any of our services individually according to your needs. 


We maintain your apartment and guarantee that your guests will find all equipment in good working order. 

Washing and Clothing Care

Washing and ironing of clothes in your apartment. We have two pricing modalities available.



Reception of guests, delivery of keys and house tour.

Check-in is when we welcome guests, we can provide you with some indications / information relevant to their stay.

  • In advance, we turn on the lights, prepare the heating or air conditioning, arrange the welcome pack (optional) and check if everything is in order;
  • We welcome the guests and explain the details of the house and how to work the equipment in it.


Welcome Pack

We try to be creative and personalize the products according to the type of customer. Our packages are handcrafted and can contain wine, coffee, snacks, chocolates, sweets or regional cakes to welcome your guests. 

Bathroom Pack

We want guests to feel at a five-star hotel and so everyone wants to have on arrival the offer of:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bath gel or bath soap
  • Toilet paper (2 for bathroom and for rental period) 

Kitchen Pack

Items Included:

  • Kitchen paper and sponge for the dishes. 

Clothes Pack

Items Included:

  • Detergent (3 doses for rental period) 

Thematic Routes Lx Pack

Other than from scheduling tuk tuk tours and panoramic buses, we give to your guests a unique experience through thematic itineraries viewpoints, museums and monuments, or  experiences of the city, according to their interests. We also have personalized itineraries if requested 1 month in advance. 



  1. Washed and dryied showers/bathtub;
  2. Toilet cleaning;
  3. Disinfection of toilet covers;
  4. Washing of washbasins and bidets;
  5. Cleaning of mirrors;
  6. Cleaning the floor;
  7. Tabletop dusting;
  8. Wash cabinet doors;
  9. Hang or fold towels;
  10. Throw out the garbage; 


  1. Cleaning of sinks and kitchen material;
  2. External and internal cleaning of home appliances;
  3. Cleaning of Kitchen cabinet doors;
  4. Vacuum and wash the floor;
  5. Dusting of the furniture and benches;
  6. Throw out the garbage;


  1. Vacuum mattress;
  2. Making beds and tidying up pillows;
  3. Arranging furniture mood;
  4. Folding clothes;
  5. Vacuum and wash the floor;
  6. Dust the furniture and benches;
  7. Throw out the garbage;

 Other areas

  1. Dust furniture and other surfaces;
  2. Vacuum sofas;
  3.  Wash indoor and outdoor windows, only if they are reachable;
  4. Vacuum and wash the floor;
  5. Throw out the garbage;



Returning of keys, tracking and reporting.

We make sure that the guests left everything in order and had pleasant holiday:

  • We check if everything is in order;
  • We check if all the lights are functional, if the home appliances are in good condition and that all valuables are intact;
  • We pick up the keys;
  • We send a detailed report to the home owner. 

Cleaning Supervision

Many home owners have their own cleaning service. However, we like to do final check and touch.

  • Speak to the cleaning staff before they exit;
  • General cleaning supervision;
  • Display the furniture and decoration in a pleasant way;
  • Caring for outside areas (not normally included in major cleaning services)



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